We are so happy to have in house very distinctive designed lamps created by Past into Light of Rochester, NH.  They design unique lamps from vintage and antique machines and their parts. They relate to a steampunk and industrial age style aesthetic. Constructed as functional art.

Also available is David Random.  David graduated in 1969 with a Fine Arts degree from The Massachusetts College of Art.  A resident of Portsmouth, NH he is also the author of three books: Defying Gravity and other short stores from a a long career in advertising, Gullible's Travels-Stories from a Naive and Innocent Childhood, and the crime novel Connected.  He utilizes reclaimed and repurposed artifacts from antique and vintage mechanical and architectural parts.  From heating grates, lawn sprinklers to kitchen utensils, he collected them because he enjoyed the detail designed into something so utilitarian.  eventually, he realized that many of the pieces seemed to fit together.